Number of URL test clicks

Examples of usage

Good ideas will be rewarded ­čśë

4 + 15 =

General marketing

Generate a link. Display it on our platform for any one to use (with value, limits etc). Get visitors on your site, blog etc

Specific marketing

Make a link. Send it on as phone message or an email to a friend and let him or her forward to friends and network.

Token/value transfer

Make a link, give it value and send it some one you want to transfer tokens to.

Find the "golden link" (gamification)

One may hide a reward amongst one of the links(pictures) on a site (to get them to really check it out). When a user finds the link he get a notice and is told to provide his or hers token address to receive the reward.

First responser rewards (gamification)

Maybe the 10 first clicks will be rewarded. Maybe number 1 get most and number 10 the least.

Sign up rewards

Maybe send a reward link to those who fill out the form requesting volunteer work


Make a link. Tell that there will be one/several rewards for the luck one/several winners

Newsletter integration

Reward user who read you newsletter and visit your site.